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Acupressure for Migraines



This blog topic is intended to help you relieve headaches and pain associated with migraines through the practice of self-acupressure. Acupressure is a tool we use in our clinic and have found it to be most  effective when used in combination with our unique treatment protocols for migraine headache relief.

What is Acupressure?


Often confused with acupuncture, acupressure uses the same pressure points and meridians, however this technique does not use any needles but instead uses gentle to firm finger pressure. When acupressure points are stimulated, they can help release muscular tension, promote circulation of blood, and enhance the body’s natural energy to aid healing.

Use prolonged finger pressure directly on each point with gradual, steady pressure for approximately one to three minutes. Each point will feel somewhat different when you press it; some points feel tense, while others are often sore or ache when pressed.

4 Acupressure Points for Migraines and Headaches

1.  SubOccipital Muscles 

 Place the hands behind the head at the base of the skull. Starting from the center, move the fingers out laterally and feel for the indentations located at the base of the skull, approximately two to three inches apart. Gradually press into these points. Breathe deeply and direct the pressure up toward the center of the head for 1-3 minutes. Release pressure from the points slowly then bring the hands down in your lap. Close your eyes and breathe.

2.  1st Dorsal Interosseous Muscles

To locate this point, press the thumb and index finger together of one hand and notice where the muscle bulges out between the base of the index finger and thumb. Place your opposite thumb now on this area and then separate the thumb and index finger as you press into the base of the bone of the index finger. 

Note: Feel for the place that is most sore and apply gentle, firm pressure.

Once you have found the point, relax your shoulders and place your hands in your lap as you continue to press this point. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for one to three minutes. Slowly release the pressure from the point on your hand and rest both hands in your lap. Take another long, slow breath in and out. Repeat on the other side.

3. Extensor Hallucis Tendons

Slip off your shoes and stay seated to press this next point located on the top of the foot. 

Apply pressure with your fingertips to the top of the foot in between the big toe and second toe, in the depression where the tendons meet. This point may be quite sore, but pressing gradually and breathing deeply helps relieve migraine headache pain, and helps reduce stress. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for one to three minutes then repeat to the other side.

4. SubOccipitial Indentation and the Procerus Muscle

Place the fingertips of one hand at the center of the base of the skull and press gently into in the indentation here. Continue to hold pressure as you move to the final point.

While one hand remains pressing into the suboccipital indentation, use the other hand to press at the inner end of the eyebrows, near the bridge of the nose. You may feel a slight indentation at these facial points, this is the attachment of the procerus muscle.

Hold both points for one to two minutes with gentle, firm pressure. Close the eyes and relax as you breathe deeply.

When you are finished, release the pressure and relax your hands.

The Migraine Relief Chiropractic Center uses acupressure  in combination with our unique treatment protocols for migraine headache relief, however when practiced by itself it can still be beneficial. Patients may experience some relief with one or two points while others may require all of them. Some will use accupressure before and during a headache and others practice self accupressure on a daily basis.

More information about additional treatment options and what you can do to help can be found on our website.

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Disclaimer: Please do not attempt to use this website or blog topics as a substitute for your healthcare needs or as a substitute for the advice of your doctor. As with any health condition, headaches and migraines  require a thorough health evaluation and assessment  before specific recommendations can be properly made. Please only use the contents presented in this blog as a guide or tool to address your health matters with your doctor(s).


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