Emergency Migraine Walk-In Relief

Time is of the essence with a migraine.

The earlier you begin treatment, the shorter the duration and the less intense the pain.
For that reason, we offer the 24/7 Emergency Migraine Walk-in Relief clinic. Treatment at the clinic is solely focused on reducing the intensity of an in-progress migraine and providing relief as fast as possible. Dr. Sallee’s unique treatment protocol uses a combination of proven techniques including temperature contrast therapies, active release techniques, neuromuscular retraining and others, to relieve the pain of a migraine as quickly as possible.
Patients who visit the clinic at the beginning of the migraine may be able to eliminate the migraine entirely, while those who arrive after the migraine has been in progress for some time will see a reduction in the intensity and pain and a shorter duration. In fact, one of our recent emergency walk-in patients reported her pain level dropping from a 10 to a 4 almost immediately
Patients can call the emergency care line and arrange for an immediate visit – usually within the hour.
Learn more about migraine prevention through our Migraine Preventive Care clinic.